United States Army

One of the Oldest Unit In The ARMY

The 181st Infantry had its origins in the North Regiment, organized in 1636 from militia units at Charlestown, New Town, Watertown, Dedham, and Concord. In 1643 the North Regiment was redesignated as the Middlesex Regiment, which was then expanded in 1680 and divided into two regiments, the Lower (or 1st) and Upper (or 2d) Middlesex Regiments. The 181st Infantry traces its lineage back to the 2d Middlesex Regiment.  During the Revolutionary War the 2d Middlesex Regiment was expanded to form the 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Middlesex Regiments, plus the following units that served in the Continental Army: 2d, 6th, and 13th Massachusetts Regiments and the 4th, 7th, and 23d Continental Regiments. These units participated in campaigns at Lexington, Boston, Long Island, Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga, Monmouth, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. The 181st Infantry also has campaign credit for service in the Civil War, the War with Spain, World War I, and World War II.  As the 6th Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War, the regiment was one of the first to be made available to President Lincoln.  The 6th Massachusetts was the Union regiment that was attacked by civilians sympathetic to the Confederacy as it made its way south through Baltimore in mid-April of 1861.  During World War II the regiment was assigned to the 26th Infantry Division and served in Europe.  In 2000 the 1st Battalion, 181st Infantry was an element in the 29th Infantry Division.  The powder horn in the DUI commemorates the service of the minutemen during the Revolutionary War.



Our Army Members:

  Last Name First Name Branch War
  Aiello Kimberlee Army War on Terrorism
  Aiello Lawrence J. Army Viet Nam
  Aiello Lawrence N. Army War on Terrorism
  Alicandro Joseph A. Army WW II
  Anderson Paul W. Army WW II
  Anufrom Joseph W. Army WW II
  Ault John J. Army Korean
  Bambury Warren T. Army Korean
  Bannon George A. Army WW II
  Barbeau William M. Army Korean
  Bennett Herbert J. Army Korean
  Benoit Andrew F. Army Korean
  Bernis Edward C. Army Viet Nam
  Bonitatibus Peter R. Army WW II
  Bowser Charles A. Army Korean
  Brune Eugene C. Army WW II
  Bukoski Kenneth L. Army Viet Nam
  Butland William H. Army WW II
  Cabral Charles J. Army WW II
  Carfagna Alfred Army Viet Nam
  Carrieri Ralph A. Army WW II
  Carvalho Joseph M. Army WW II
  Casey Francis J. Army WW II
  Caton Melvin L. Army WW II
  Cerbone Frank J. Army WW II
  Clark Leonard M. Army WW II
  Coleman John J. Army WW II
  Collette Maurice R. Army Viet Nam
  Conway Charles R. Army WW II
  Cook Roy F. Army WW II
  Corbett Gerard Army WW II
  Corbett Mary D. Army WW II
  Corcoran Timothy J. Army Korean
  Cordeiro Kenneth P. Army Viet Nam
  Cortinovieri Alfred Army WW II
  Cunha John J. Army Viet Nam
  De Vito Joseph J. Army WWII
  Deguglielmo Charles Army Viet Nam
  Delicato Anthony J. Army Korean
  Depippo Joseph M. Army WW II
  Di Biase Salvadore P. Army WW II
  Di Campo Frank C. Army WW II
  Dion Henry J. Jr. Army Korean
  Donnelly James P. Army WW II
  Drew Donald J. Army Korean
  Dwyer Daniel F. Army Korean
  Falco Albert F. Army WW II
  Farrell John J. Army WW II
  Ferro Francis J. Army WW II
  Filipetti Arno Army WW II
  Flanagan John J. III Army Viet Nam
  Forcellese Tito Army WW II
  Forcina Francis Army WW II
  Fredericks Paul H. Army WW II
  Gagne Joseph L. Army Korean
  Galvin Charles E. Jr. Army WW II
  Gasdia Anthony F. Army Korean
  Gaudet Arthur J. Army WW II
  Goode MIlton S. Jr. Army WW II
  Gounaris Charles X. Army Korean
  Gray John M. Army Korean
  Gregg James M Army WW II
  Haker James A. Army WW II
  Hannon Robert H. Army WW II
  Hanrahan Edward J. Army WW II
  Hayes John F. Army Korean
  Healey James J. Army Korean
  Humphrey William J. Army WW II
  Igo Joseph J. Army WW II
  Intravaia John Army WW II
  Jefferson John T. Army Korean
  Jensen Gunner H. Army WW II
  Kacamburas Harold C. Army Viet Nam
  Karasinski Robert M. Army Viet Nam
  Kelly Francis P. Army Korean
  Kelly John J. Army WW II
  Keohane Francis M. Army Viet Nam
  Kilbride Thomas J. Army WW II
  King Robert F. Army Korean
  Kuhne Theodore E. Army Korean
  Lameiras Mariano Army WW II
  Langton Jr. John V. Army Desert Storm
  Legee James F. Army WW II
  Leonard Leo P. Army Korean
  Leyne Thomas A. Army Viet Nam
  Lisante Robert H. Army Viet Nam
  Lo Conte Anthony F. Army WW II
  Marques Eugene A. Army Viet Nam
  Martin Maurice P. Army WW II
  Matthews Eugene F. Army WW II
  Mazaka Robert S. Army Viet Nam
  Mc Caffrey John W. Army WW II
  Mc Carthy Joseph F. Army WW II
  Mc Kenzie William K. Army Korean
  Mc Laughlin Edward J. Army WW II
  Mills William A. Army WW II
  Mirlocca Marco F. Army WW II
  Mizzoni Richard G. Army WW II
  Monaco Joseph A. Army WW II
  Morrison James J. Army WW II
  Murphy Michael W. Army Panama
  Nowicki Leon J. Army WW II
  Nyberg Kenneth W. Army WW II
  O'Connell John F. Army Viet Nam
  O'Connor David G. Army WW II
  O'Connor Thomas R. Army WW II
  O'Connor Timothy V. Army WW II
  O'Dea Robert E. Army Korean
  O'Donnell John J. Army WW II
  O'Donnell Patrick J. Army WW II
  O'Leary John M. Army WW II
  O'Shea Timothy C. Army WW II
  Palmacci Araldo Army WW II
  Payzant Earl F. Army Korean
  Percuoco Vincent A. Army Korean
  Perreault Lucian B. Army WW II
  Pitts James A. Army Viet Nam
  Podymaitis Theodore Army Korean
  Poirier Leonard  J. Army Viet Nam
  Poirier Leonard J. Army War on Terrorism
  Prizio Joseph C. Army Korean
  Rajchel Henry Army Korean
  Rancatore Augustine V. Army Korean
  Recinito John J. Army Viet Nam
  Riccio George W. Jr. Army Korean
  Rice Gilbert F. Army Korean
  Rivenburg Charles A. Army Viet Nam
  Roche Joseph W. Army WW II
  Roffi John A. Army WW II
  Russo Antonio D. Army Korean
  Ryan Louis A. Jr. Army WW II
  Salvato Anthony J. Army WW II
  Santosuosso Michael J. Army WW II
  Saulnier John M. Army Korean
  Sawyer Willie J. Army WW II
  Scanlon Joseph V. Army Korean
  Schertell James K. Army Viet Nam
  Smith Emmet F. Army Korean
  Thomas Francis F. Army WW II
  Trani Armando A. Army WW II
  Vellucci Mario P. Army WW II
  Walker James R. Army WW II
  Walsh Arthur F. Army WW II
  White Ronald P. Army Viet Nam
  Williams John P. Army Korean
  Wilson Henry C. Army Korean
  Younker George A. Army WW II
  Zammuto Walter L. Army Viet Nam
  Feeney Stephen J. Army Air Corp WW II
  Mallard Edwin L. Army Air Corp WW II
  Phillips Charles M. Army Air Corp WW II
  Pridham Roland A. Jr. Army Air Corp WW II
  Seaboyer William J. Army Air Corp WW II
  Snook George E. Army Air Corp WW II