United States Marine Corps

It is the oldest Division In The Marines

The 1st Marine Division was activated aboard the battleship Texas on 1 February 1941. It is the oldest, largest, and most decorated division in the United States Marine Corps, with nine Presidential Unit Citations (PUCs).  The 1st Marine Division is comprised of Headquarters Battalion, the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 11th Marine Regiments, 1st and 3d Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions, 1st Tank Battalion, and 3d Assault Amphibian Battalion. These units represent a combat-ready force of more than 22,000 Marines and Sailors.  Division regiments were in existence as early as March 8, 1911, when the 1st Marines was formed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It saw action in Haiti in 1915, in the Dominican Republic in 1916, and throughout the Caribbean during World War I. The 5th Marines was created in Vera Cruz, Mexico July 13, 1914. It served in Santo Domingo in 1925 and participated in 15 major engagements during World War I. These included Belleau Wood, Chateau and St. Mihiel. On Aug. 11, 1917, 7th Marines was activated in Philadelphia, Penn. It spent the duration of World War I in Cuba and was disbanded after the war. It was reactivated in 1941. The 11th Marines was formed in January 1918 at Quantico, Va., as a light artillery regiment. The regiment went to France as an infantry unit, providing a machine gun company and a guard company. Decommissioned and reactivated twice between world wars, the regiment again served as infantry in Nicaragua. Re-formed in 1940 as a full-fledged artillery unit, 11th Marines joined 1st Marine Division.


Our Marine Corps Members:

  Last Name First Name Branch War
  Antonelli John A. Marine Corps Korean
  Bambury Wilfred F. Marine Corps WW II
  Berg Richard B. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Burdziuk Wieslaw V. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Campinell Anthony B. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Crowe Leo F. Marine Corps Korean
  Dawson Francis P. Marine Corps WW II
  Gover John F. Marine Corps Korean
  Green Llewellyn Marine Corps Korean
  Hogan Richard P. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Johnston William C. Marine Corps WW II
  Karey Stanley P. Marine Corps WW II
  Lacey Michael D. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Lampropoulos Demetrious Marine Corps Korean
  Loan Paul E. Marine Corps Korean
  Mahoney James F. Marine Corps WWII
  Mahoney Timothy C. Marine Corps WW II
  Mc Innis Robert A. Marine Corps WW II
  Metivier George D. III Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Murray Robert D. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Noska John Marine Corps WW II
  O'Callaghan John R. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  O'Loughlin Arthur J. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Podlaski Ronald Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Poirier Tracey L. Marine Corps War on Terrorism
  Robbins Edward J. Marine Corps Korean
  Ruggiero William P. Marine Corps WW II
  Segreve Lawrence R. Marine Corps WW II
  Twombly Stephen  A. Marine Corps Viet Nam
  Ward Dennis J. Marine Corps WW II